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  1. Jorie
    Jorie April 12, 2017 at 10:32 am |

    Wicked happy, you’ve written this blog post, Ms Hill!

    I’m still very inclined to read the book I spotlighted of yours on my blog but until then, I’ve been happily keeping tabs on you via Twitter. I have seen you wink a bit at my feeds as well; whilst noting your presence today, I hopped over to my Lists to see what I could spy – finding this lovely post of yours! It’s smashing as I’ve been so very eager to learn about the #ChocLitOnTour events! If I could have jumped the Pond, I would have to be there myself! Eek.

    You had me so dearly curious what Ms James spoke to you about … as you might realise now I’m over the moon for her series #ChartonMinster! However, I love how you described the city – I have oft wondered what inspired Ms Rowling about that particular setting of the stories, so THANK YOU for that tidbit of information!

    Also I see you had the wicked brill luck of scoring some of the #PocketChocLit I happily devoured over this past holiday season! Aren’t those a treat!? I loved curling up inside them: portable, lovingly full of romance and each one was uniquely writ from a full-bodied POV of what you’d expect of a novel! I dearly hope more of their novellas go into print like these! I loved blogging about them during a blog series where I shared my joy of them plus some personal bits about my readerly life.

    Chocolate + java is a winning combination no matter where you are unless you’re mad for tea just as much (which I am) or chai! I could drink copious cuppas of chai, too and chat til the cows came home! I think those are days wickedly spent!

    Ooh, I love this post – felt like I was right on the tail of your footsteps whilst you shared your adventure! Thanks for being so personable and giving such a cardinal eye view!

    *waves!* from across the Pond!

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